11 December 2015


The website was updated this morning adding 41 casualties with additional details for another 33.  828 survivors were added with additional details for another 24.

The majority of the survivors added were a result of the team over the past several months going through the Canadian Expeditionary Forces Personnel Records.  These include much more extensive information rather than just the soldier’s Service Record.  These Personnel Records include all hospital records (including the date wounded and the damage done), next of kin information, where he enlisted, complete list of assignments and promotions, awards and a lot more.  This has not only allowed us to add a large number of Canadians and Americans born in Cornwall serving in Canadian Forces but, extend details of the Canadian casualties.  It was a long and time consuming process but well worth the vast amount of information found.

We continue to ask for help extending what we have on these heroes of the County.  If you have any information on someone who died or served, we would greatly appreciate that information to enhance that person’s tribute page.  There is no need to ask, just send.  There is a great lacking of photographs.  Definitely, something we can only get from family members.

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