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BERRY, Bertram Gilbert (Gib)

CFHS Ref 3626
War WW I
Surname BERRY
Forenames Bertram Gilbert (Gib)
Nationality UK
Rank Lance Corporal
Service No 20706
Unit / Vessel 6th Battalion
Service Dorsetshire Regiment
British War Medal WW IBritish War Medal WW I
Victory Medal WW IVictory Medal WW I
Enlisted Bodmin
Residence Padstow
Date Of Death 26-Jun-18
Cause Died of wounds
Theatre France and Flanders
Interred St Sever Cemetery Extension
Parish War Memorial Padstow WM. Bodmin Col.
Role of Honor Padstow Meth RoH.
County/Country (Cemetery) France
Age 18
Year Born 1900
Place Of Birth Padstow
Parents William John and Maude Mary (nee HELBREN) BERRY
Parents Residence Duke Street, Padstow
Remarks His brother Claude BERRY (504581) also served.
War Grave - Bertram Gilbert (Gib) BERRY

War Grave – Bertram Gilbert (Gib) BERRY

War Grave - Bertram Gilbert (Gib) BERRYWar Grave – Bertram Gilbert (Gib) BERRY

War Memorial -

War Memorial –

War Memorial - Bertram Gilbert (Gib) BERRY

War Memorial FACE -

War Memorial FACE –

War Memorial FACE - Bertram Gilbert (Gib) BERRY – Face


Oh Padstow’s port’s a pleasant port, and Padstow maids are fair,
And I am sick in Flanders for the Loves that wait me there;
And all my songs are weariness, and all my dreamings sport
That mock the homesick heart of me, away from Padstow port.
For green and gold and loveable are all her peaceful ways,
And fairies tend her meadows, and mermaids grace her bays;
The sea’s white lips of laughter grow never old and wise,
And Padstow port’s the outer court of young love’s paradise.
The little ships are brave and swift that sail in from the sea,
And sailor feet are glad to tread once more the homely quay.
When love’s floodtides are running there’s a million joys in one
For the lass who waits her lover when the weary voyage is done.
There’s sadness in the voices that call me home again,
For, Camel River, your young lover sleeps beside the Seine.
Oh brave returning feet he would have proved his passion true,
But other faith there was to keep with holier love than you.
No more in cool embrace you’ll clasp the young and eager limbs,
For he was maimed and tired he was, and Death was sweet to him:
Beside the stately Seine he sleeps, they say who knew him not,
And flowers are faded on his face and he left there to rest.
But Padstow port’s his home port still; and he who loved her so
From bloody field of war turned home; and one day when I go
From the land that holds his body to the dear accustomed place,
His brave smile still will smile for me and I shall see his face.
The whisper of the wave and little wind will be voices brotherly,
And dawn and twilight will be sweet with secret word for me –
In infinite space they’ll seek you, or in angel crowded court,
But I’ll be blessed with your love and jest for I’ll meet you in Padstow port.

Poem written by his brother Claude Berry (504581)